Accounting & Bookkeeping

General Ledger Accounting, Partial Bookkeeping and Financial Statements

Profitable business operations require up-to-date and reliable reporting with relevant monthly information. In addition to traditional bookkeeping services, we can provide electronic bookkeeping services, enabling You to enter data into the same database anytime and anywhere. Reports can also be printed onto a browser anywhere in the world.

Our services include obligatory general ledger accounting as well as the necessary partial bookkeeping, such as sales invoicing, accounts payable and receivable, payroll calculation, and payment transactions, including salary and other payments.

We can produce the reports Your company needs on a monthly or weekly basis in electronic or print-out form. Such reports include general journals and ledgers, profit and loss statements and balance sheets, reports of departments and cost units, all kinds of budget comparisons and graphic tables.

We use contemporary methods and clear formatting for producing the segmented and consolidated financial statements as well as the interim financial statements You need. Tiliaktiiva is responsible for creating and has for two decades been maintaining a high-quality balance book model and related balance sheet specifications and specifications of the notes to the accounts, which are recommended by the Board of the Association of Finnish Accounting Firms and commonly used by its member companies.